8 thoughts on “Cow Birds!

  1. I’m sorry about your invasion of pests. All you can do, that I know of, is stop feeding this flock. Hopefully they’ll move on. But the downside is, so will the others. 😦
    If you’re generous, you can spread seeds on the ground elsewhere. Cowbirds may eat on the ground rather than at feeders. The kind of feeders we have discourage bigger birds like magpies, but we still have the English sparrows in winter — which give their own problems come spring.

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  2. As I mentioned in a comment on one of your blogs, tube feeders. Maybe, you have to put the bigger feeders away for several days. Usually, cowbirds eat and then move on after a day or two. At least, that is what I experienced with them in the past. I’ll let them eat, and they eventually have enough to move on to a different spot in the neighborhood.

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  3. I HEAR YOU!!! Some years are better or worse than others – for sure. Hopefully these interlopers will not hang around too long. GOOD LUCK!! Hoping they do not come in big numbers here in Trenton. Updates will be good! Thanks!!


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