Painted Buntings

I have been seeing some Female Painted Buntings show up the past several days. Not as colorful as the Mails but a pretty light Green. I was looking at one that I thought was a Female, but after close examination, I believe it is a “Young Male”? The bright colors seem to be coming out on the stomach/chest area and around parts of the head. Some adult Females and some young Males, I think?

Adult Female
Adult Female
Young Male?
Young Male?
Young Male?

This is what he will look like after a cool bath, when he is an adult.


A Male and a Female, CAPE MAY WARBLER, have been checking out my Oranges, Grape Jelly, and Sweet Flowers, the past two weeks. Only the second or third time I have seen these beauties in my backyard and they have never stayed so long. I am very happy with that. I have to take my pictures thru my Sun Room window as they take off if they see any movement.

American Goldfinch & Pine Siskin — North Florida Friends

I am still being entertained by the colorful Goldfinches. They have been very plentiful this winter. Another bird that is hanging out with the Goldfinches are the Pine Siskins. Cute birds with yellow patches or streaks on their wings and tails. They are also a winter bird for Florida but I don’t remember seeing these […]

via American Goldfinch & Pine Siskin — North Florida Friends

Summer Tanager

I don’t see this bird very often but get a little excited when I do. The Males are the only completely red bird in North America. The Females are yellow in color, but to me, appear a light green at times. This male likes to cool off in my far back bird bath with the female on top of the hedge. These were taken October 14th. I am looking forward in seeing them again this year!

Florida -Time to get out the oranges and grape jelly.

The Baltimore Orioles are arriving in Florida and they love Oranges and Grape Jelly. Great energy food that they need.  I have seen one female every day for the past few days and soon, more will come. Found this video that I wanted to share. These birds are fun to watch.

Baltimore Orioles Up Close and Personal – YouTube